What could you do when you have fever?

Author: Stefania Constantin
Fever is not a reason to panic. Can even be a good sign - that the immune system is functioning properly. But you must be careful not to lose your body fight with germs. Fever is part of the arsenal of defense that the body uses to fight microbes: high temperature prevents germs multiplying and mobilizes cells that provide.
Therefore, it makes no sense to decrease the fever immediately by artificial measures. In fact, most doctors consider that fever begins only over 38 degrees C. The normal value is 37 degrees. Between the two - it\'s considered a 'temperature less over the normal value', which is harmless.

 At what to be careful when you have high fever
 Fever becomes a problem when approaching 40 degrees C - in adults, and it passes 39 degrees C- in children. In this case, you need a doctor. Children younger than 5 years, which may have spasms, must be seen by a doctor when fever is higher than 38 degrees C.
Usually, fever is not a concern for children. Their immune system has not yet reached maturity, so that body temperature rises rapidly to any infection. Important: to measure child temperature at regular intervals. The most accurate is the rectal measurement (in the butt). In principle, it applies the following rule: fever that does not fail, although no visible symptoms of infection may be a sign of serious internal disease - so medical examination is compulsory!

 Power or the immune system
 Since fever is a necessary immune response of the body when is attacked by microbes, there are ways that can be prevented. What you can do is to strengthen your immune system so viruses and bacteria have no chance. Alternative showers activate the body\'s defense mechanism, as well as sport.
 And diet with a high content of vitamins and fruits and vegetables provide energy for immune cells. Sufficient sleep (eight hours in adults and ten in children) is also important for the immune system.

 Possible causes for fever
- Cold
- Infection of the digestive system
- In children: childhood illness
- In babies: teeth growth

First Aid at home
- Bed rest
- In case of chills: wool socks, warm blankets
- Cold handkerchiefs or wet compress on the forehead
- Drink plenty of fluids, especially water (rule of thumb: for every degree above 37 degrees plus 0.5 liters in the normal amount of liquid)
- For sweat - sweaty clothes must be immediately changed, attention: not currently in the room!
-  Herbs - Hot tea from linden and shock flowers. For the babies who teeth out: essential oil of chamomile, mint or sage

Medical control
- If fever persists after 3-4 days
- If the fever rises sharply after low
- For children: if fever is associated with diarrhea (risk of dehydration!)

Fever higher than 39 degrees can cause
- Chills
- Headache
- Pain in the members
- Red skin
- Dizziness, weakness
- Apathy
- Dry lips
- Sweating
- Lack of appetite
And can be caused by:
- A viral infection
- In elderly people: infection due to excessive weakening of the immune system

Calivita herbal supplements helpful in reducing and controlling fever
- Aspirin naturally extracted from willow bark, as White Whillow Calivita natural supplement, shows effects of reducing fever, pain relief, blood purification and strengthening the body. In addition, natural aspirin it does not show the negative effects of synthetic aspirin.
- Vitamin C 1000 helps improve immune function and prevents infections, colds and influenzas, which often manifest fever.

- Oregano Oil shows strong antibacterial action due to natural antibiotic effect. Has a strong effect against many strains of viruses and bacteria that can cause infections and fever.
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