Vitamin B2 Can Alleviate Solar Dermatitis

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In summer, many people can be attacked by various skin problems. For example, the inflammation can be caused by the high temperature and dryness among many people. In fact, inflammation is probably one of the reactions of solar dermatitis in summer. So, what is solar dermatitis? The so-called 'solar dermatitis' refers to the formation of red spots and water blisters caused by the excessive burn of strong sunlight. If people who always work inside the door suddenly go to the outside for a long time in summer, they can easily be attacked by the disease.

The occurrence of solar dermatitis is characterized by the obvious seasonal nature. The symptoms of the disease can be worst in spring and in summer. If one person stands in the burning sun for a long time, the red spots and water blisters may appear in the naked skin like face and arms. Several days later, these red spots and water blisters can gradually disappear, but desquamation and ecdysis may break out.

 The chromatosis may even be caused on the surface of skin. Although many people prepare parasols, sun cream and sunglasses in summer, they can also be troubled by the disease if their skin is sensitive to the sunlight.

As soon as people are attacked by the solar dermatitis, they should go to hospital for medical treatment. They can not apply some kinds of drugs or medicines to the skin. The doctors can help people judge whether the inflammation is caused by the sunlight and whether the inflammation is serious or not. What\'s more, people should take medicines carefully under the guidance of doctors.

The solar dermatitis can seriously disturb the normal life of people. For example, because of the disease, people can not fall asleep comfortably. In order to effectively prevent the formation of solar dermatitis, people should grasp some skills in daily life. For example, they should not stay in the burning sun for a long time. If they have to stay outside, they must wear sunbonnet. They can wear the clothes in light colors. It is also necessary for people to supplement adequate vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in summer. The lack of vitamin B2 can make the skin become sensitive to the sunlight, which can induce solar dermatitis. The lack of vitamin B2 can be characterized by red face in the sun. People can also improve the coarse skin by supplementing vitamin B2 in daily life.
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