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Dermatitis is an inflammatory process arising in integuments. Its reason can become various physical or chemical factors of an environment. The degree of influence of the harmful agent sometimes depends on individual sensitivity of an organism, in this case it is a question of the allergic nature of disease. It takes place both at external contact with cue, and after its hit inside of an organism. Depending on it, distinguish contact forms of illness and toxicoderma.

Ordinary contact reactions result from hit on a leather of caustic chemical substances, for example, acids or alkalis. Depth and the area of defeat thus neatly depends on concentration, area and time of influence of the negative factor. At long-standing contact to small dozes of toxin pathological process gets chronic character, and at lots — immediately there is a sharp reaction. It is accompanied by reddening of a leather, formation of bubbles, a suppuration, occurrence of hypostases, pains, burnings and an itch.

As a rule, its reason are solar burns, significant differences of temperatures, toxic substances of a vegetative or animal origin, cosmetic and perfumery means, medicinal creams and ointments. As most often meeting form sharp dermatits the attrition and the water callouses formed on a leather owing to mechanical friction serves. Usually on palms of hands it is observed after heavy physical work, and on stops — as a result of long carrying close footwear. At people with excess weight quite often attritions arise on a body between folds of a leather.

For chronic process bluish painting of integuments, occurrence of cracks, a thickening of a horn layer and a peeling is characteristic. The reason of similar reactions can become various fungoid, bacterial or virus infections, strong diaphoresis, especially in a combination to synthetic clothes. To cause the allergic form of disease some foodstuff are capable. At children such condition has received the name of a diathesis. More often it is connected with the use in food of dairy products, citron, nuts, eggs.

Constant stay in a condition of stress provokes occurrence or strengthening of negative symptoms of dermatitis. It is necessary to comply with caution to people with a dry leather, especially in cold and windy weather. During this period for protection of the open sites of an integument it is necessary to use special creams. For preventive maintenance of disease it is necessary to adhere strictly to the safety precautions at the reference with dangerous substances on work and houses, in time to eliminate activators of infections, with caution to approach to use of medical products.
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