Dyspepsia Symptoms

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Dyspepsia, commonly known as indigestion or upset stomach, is a condition in which there is impaired digestion. It is a common problem and affects men and women from all lifestyles. However, the most affected are women in the age group of 16-60. The chances for a woman to get dyspepsia increase during her childbearing years. In addition, patients diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome comprise the majority of those suffering from dyspepsia.

There is a recurrent or chronic pain in the upper part of abdomen in dyspepsia, although a person having dyspepsia can show a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of Dyspepsia
  1. Nausea, belching, bloating and heartburn are some of the conditions which accompany dyspepsia.
  1. People suffering from dyspepsia often complain of indigestion, experience a sick feeling in the stomach or have a nervous stomach.
  1. Backwash of the contents in the stomach, a condition known as regurgitation, vomiting, a prolonged feeling of fullness or early fullness are other signs of dyspepsia
  1. The majority of dyspepsia symptoms occur after eating certain foods or overeating. These symptoms might accompany various diseases such as gastritis, gallbladder disease and peptic ulcer disease.
  1. The majority of people experience the symptoms of dyspepsia for no special reason. These symptoms are prevalent for two to three days or can even last longer. In some people, these symptoms can be continuous and severe, thereby affecting their daily routine.
If you have these symptoms for more than a few days, it is advisable to visit a physician. If you are already diagnosed with dyspepsia, then there is really no need to panic, as there are several treatments available. Behavioral therapy, lifestyle changes and, in the event that you are infected with the H. pylori bacteria, medications such as Proton Pump inhibitors, antibiotics, prokinetics, and low dose antidepressants, are some of the treatments that effectively treat dyspepsia.
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