Dyspepsia: The Feeling It Brings

Author: Alex Smith
Have you ever had that unexplained bloated feeling and nausea perhaps right after eating? It is commonly referred to as indigestion but nowadays it is more correctly addressed as dyspepsia. In fact, there are even instances where there is that bloated feeling or feeling of being full even when you have not yet eaten.
The uneasy feeling often appears in the upper abdominal area and more often than not intake of food intensifies the pain.

 There are different types of dyspepsia. It can either be functional where there are no special causes or organic where the dyspepsia is brought about by different cause live ulcers, malfunction of liver or gallbladder. Organic dyspepsia often means that there is an abnormality in your digestive tract. Your doctor may advise you to undergo an upper gastrointestinal tests or endoscopy to find out what could possibly be causing your dyspepsia.

Common Symptoms of Dyspepsia:
Dyspepsia often exhibits the following symptoms:
  • Pain in the upper abdominal area
  • Feeling of fullness even without actual food intake
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Unexplained stomach discomfort
Belching can also be a symptom of dyspepsia. When the main symptom of your dyspepsia is pain then it might be due to the presence of ulcers (or holes) in your stomach. Some individual exhibit dyspepsia symptoms like heartburn and this may be brought about by an acid reflux or when acid contents of the stomach move backward to the passage of food, where we swallow.

Other dyspepsia symptoms maybe 'waterbrash' or the feeling of some kind of acidic phlegm in your throat and regurgitation or when your stomach contents goes back into your mouth. If you feel any of these symptoms of dyspepsia and especially if they have been frequently bothering you it may be wise to seek the help of a professional.

Your doctor will tell you that there is a list of more commonly used medicines and you just might be taking one of them thus causing your dyspepsia. It would not help to be alarmed about the symptoms of dyspepsia you may be having but oftentimes they are the only signal that there is something not quite right with your upper digestive tract and that other tests may be necessary to find out if other parts of your stomach may be affected.

Don\'t ignore those dyspepsia symptoms other underlying disease may be immediately cured in the process and it could easily prevent matters from getting worse.
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