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Vitiligo Cure in the meaning that the re-pigmentation in the affected vitiligo skin will start is the accepted theory. Cure vitiligo can be seen in many vitiligo patients who uses the Vitiligo natural treatment. 20 percent of the patients complain that their white patches which have disappear starts appearing again. This mean that the Vitiligo herbal treatment is no longer fruitful.

Herbal experts when ask questions from the patient that complain the re-appearing of  white patches, the problem was almost solved.The point which the herbal experts notice is that the vitiligo patients who are facing the problem of reappearing of the white patches are from Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan, Nepal , India etc. It means that the patients are from the third world country. When the experts ask about their diet the problem was resolved, these patients notices the reappearing of white patches when they started eating the market food which is unhygienic in third world country.

Vitiligo treatment can help the patients to cure vitiligo but it is the responsibility of the patient also to take care of is health. If the diet of the patients is good the re-appearing of the white patches problem will be less.

What diet should be taken?
Vitiligo skin disorder patients should avoid many foods like Spices chicken, Fish, Meat, Eggs. Vitiligo patients also avoid artificial drinks as they may be also the cause of vitiligo patches re-appearing. The patients who belonged to the third world country make sure that they should totally avoid the food of market because the foods available in the market is unhygienic.  In fruits avoid eating orange and the fruits belong to orange as they contain Vitamin C and this may also be the cause of the discussed problem. You can also contact your local doctor for the healthy diet.

Pure herbals make sure to inform their clients to use the Vitiligo treatment oil with the healthy diet. The herbal medicine alone can not cure vitiligo it is on patient to take care of the diet he takes. If you want to know more about vitiligo cure and the diet to follow visit our site
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