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Birthmark occurs on child birth is comprises in a wide range of both vascular and skin pigmentation. It can be on any parts of the body, from face to toe and it maybe very visible sometime. For some peoples it can be very uncomfortable and lower their self esteem. It is better to treat it in early age but for those who never had the chances to do so? It’s not the end of the world.

Two commons birthmarks
  1. Port-wine stains (strawberry marks):- These irregularly shaped patches range in color from light pink to red to dark red-violet and may darken as the age goes up. It usually spotted on the face and neck. The texture can change gradually from smooth to thickened and pebbled
  2. Coffee-and-cream birthmarks: – The mark color is brown and composed of melanin (skin pigment). They do not fade away.
It is just a mark, what’s the big deal?
If your childbirth has a port-wine stain birthmark, please refer to the physician as soon as possible as these marks may associated with underlying abnormalities of the brain and the eye.

Way to remove these birthmarks
High-energy pulsed lasers emit powerful pulses of energy. It will lighten the targeted area to create fairer tone. Treatment length is depending on size of the birthmark, it may take a few minutes to an hour. Multiple treatments are generally necessary to significantly lighten or remove vascular birthmarks.
Both port-wine stains and a coffee-and-cream birthmark is best treated during early of age. The port-wine stain probably needs more than one treatment depending on the placement, size and color of the mark. However the coffee-and-cream birthmark is usually the easiest to remove but 40 to 50 percent of coffee-and-cream birthmarks may reappear after successful removal.

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