Organic Herbs and Spices - Time to Make the Switch?

Author: Stephen Sharp
Did you know? Organically grown plants sprouted and harvested using absolutely no unnatural chemicals which means your food has less harmful chemicals. This not only helps protects you from chemicals that can cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses but it also helps protect the environment from these chemicals as well. When harmful chemicals are put into our soil it interferes which natures balance. Also these harmful pollutants can get into our lakes and rivers causing even more harm as time passes.

Production of organic products also includes a pledge to help conserve valuable natural resources. These producers conserve water by using less irrigation; they conserve soil by taking measures to prevent runoff; they also conserve valuable energy sources by working the land less and selling their food locally. By not using dangerous chemicals and by keeping natural non-farmed areas, organic producers also help to maintain wildlife biodiversity. The main goal of an organic farmer is to grow their crop without taking from the local environment. That way, the land will be available for future generations to farm.

Most of the nations today are dealing with severe problems of soil depletion and have become dependent on artificial fertilizers. With fall in the nutrient content of the soil, there is reduced nutritional value and crop yield.  Soil depletion is caused by the combined effects of growing population densities, large-scale industrial logging, slash and burn agriculture and ranching. Other causes of depletion are over-tillage and overuse of inputs such as synthetic fertilizers and herbicides, which leave residues and buildups that inhibit micro-organisms. Though it is a worldwide problem, soil erosion has received little attention in terms of research or discussion. In many respects, it appears that soil conservation has been a neglected subject in agricultural economics during the last two or three decades.

Believe it or not just a few people changing to organic foods will help our planet as well as supplement ones body with much needed nutrients that are lacking in so many of the processed foods found on our grocery shelves. By buying organic products, and encouraging others to do so as well, you are taking a small dent out of the problems traditional agriculture is causing. You are also helping to send a message direct to some conventional farmers and growers that some of their methods are unethical and unacceptable. This makes it beneficial for not only your family, but for our future family members and friends.
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