Natural Remedies - Flower Essences and Herbal Therapy

Author: Michel Yvonne Maling
Flower essences and herbal remedies are both popular remedies. Beware though, as one isn\'t at all dangerous, while the other could be detrimental to your health.
Flower essences are the liquid extracts prepared from blossoms or wildflowers. Flowers have been used for healing purposes since ancient times, but the complete system of flower healing was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930\'s.

Flower essences are mainly used to stabilize, energize or calm a stressed person. The essences help to bring awareness and may also help to resolve mental and emotional problems. These types of problems may be the cause of many physical illnesses. Flower essences also help to unblock problems that are interfering the full expression of human potential.

Flower essences if used correctly can help people to uncover entirely new parts of their personalities. You may have some unrealized artistic potential that you didn\'t know about. These essences can also be used as preventative medicine, as they promote a positive state of mind.Flower essences are extremely safe and it is not possible to take an overdose of these. They don\'t have any side effects, but they do intensify the mind and emotional state.

Herbal therapy on the other hand is the use of medicinal plants for health and healing and it is also one of the oldest forms of what is now called alternative medicine.Most plants have chemicals in them that are beneficial to our health. Most modern drugs are made using compounds from plants. Saponins for example, which is a chemical that is found in plants, are used to break down excess mucus and improve elimination from the bowels. Another common plant chemical called tannin is used in modern medicine to slow bleeding from wounds and also have antimicrobial properties.

The most common form of herbal use is in herbal teas or tinctures. You can also get herbal tablets, capsules and herbal medicine for external use like poultices, compresses, creams and salves.
Medicinal herbs can be used for many different conditions and are often taken with other types of medication. Herbs can also help to reduce the side effects of certain medications. One just has to know which herbs and drugs can be mixed.

Herbal therapy is often used for treating chronic conditions like diabetes, memory problems, cardiovascular disease and arthritis. Herbal therapy can also be helpful for healing skin disorders, muscle pains and colds.
Just because herbs are natural, this doesn\'t mean that they are always safe. Large doses of herbs can cause problems, so it is always best to use this type of therapy under the guidance of a trained herbal practitioner.
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