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Secrets of Angliena Jolie: Beauty Tips

Angelina Jolie has made many women jealous of her beautiful skin, facial glow, gorgeous mane and her juicy lips. Much has been said, written and also guessed at the miracle formula.

The good news is that some of her secret is now out!
What is Angelina Jolie\'s star secret?

1. Angelina refuses to get plastic surgery! She loves the unique features that people possess. This is why she has looked exactly the same since the time she was a teenager.
2. Everyone knows that Angelina has stunning lips, and this is her unique feature that she wouldn\'t dare change.
3. She believes in striking a balance on her face, and therefore plays up only one feature. Since her lips are already stunning, she tends to wear only gloss on them.
4. Instead, Angelina chooses to play up her eyes. She loves smoky eyes, thick eye liner, and anything else that will draw attention to her pretty lashes.
5. She also loves grooming her brows and making their perfect arch the main focus. Angelina Jolie is the poster girl for understated elegance, and we think she is right on key!
6. Who isn\'t jealous of Angelina Jolie\'s gorgeous mane? Not only is her hair always perfectly placed, but it\'s got the volume, the shine, and the color management we all wish for. How does Angelina keep her hair looking so luxurious? She uses all natural Aveda products!

Jessica Alba\'s Style : beauty tips

Subtle yet stunningly gorgeous, that is how you can define Jessica Alba\'s Style. The blend of simple chic look with a sexy image is something that goes well with her individuality. An ardent believer of simple yet comfortable style, her approach to fashion is cool and classy.

No wonder, from her casual approach to accessories to naturally inspired make-up looks, every move becomes a part of her style statement. So, you might admit to the fact that Jessica Alba\'s Style is more than just style, its pure elegance!
Jessica Alba\'s Style secrets:

If you are a great fan of her style and wish to have a makeover like her, try the following few steps:  beauty tips

* Always try to focus on your body. Jessica believes in regular works outs and maintaining healthy diet for keeping her body firm.
* Try to collect some active wear stuff for your everyday look. Jessica Alba likes to venture around in velour tracksuits, like the ones made by Juicy Couture. She also likes to wear trucker hats or pageboy caps to restrict sun damage. She loves different kinds of sunglasses for avoiding eye contact with paparazzi groups.
* Get into jeans if you truly admire Alba. She is more inclined to boot cut jeans with a dark wash or slight thigh wear.
* Jessica\'s sense of style is revealed with her choice of accessories. She likes to carry medium-sized slouchy bag like the Botkier Stirrup bag. Most of her bags come in colors like brown and blue that compliments her attire besides her beautiful tanned skin.
* Jessica also likes to wear long cascading dresses that highlights her chest and flaunts her wonderful figure.

Selena Gomez - Style Secrets

Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American actress and singer-songwriter best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place . She has starred in the television movies, Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program .
Tips & Secrets from Selena: beauty tips

1. 'The beauty product I can\'t live without is Oil of Olay face wash and lotion. It\'s geared towards an older audience, but I find that if I start working on my skin now, it can\'t do me any harm!'
2. 'My favorite fashion tip would probably be \'less is more,\' when it comes to accessories.'
3. 'Out of all the events I\'ve been to, my favorite dress I\'ve ever worn would have to be the BCBG dark green-blue one-shoulder dress that I wore to the Imagen Awards. I felt very pretty.'
4. 'When I go on a red carpet and I take a clutch or a little bag, I usually have the lip gloss that I wore, my phone, and some candy. Because wherever I\'m at, I\'m there for a really long time, so I like to have candy to keep my energy up!'
5. 'When I\'m picking out a dress for an event, I don\'t really spend too much time on it. I have a wonderful lady that I work with who kind of knows the style I like, so we pick out the top ten, and we\'ll sit down and I\'ll see which one I think is pretty. I find that I get in trouble when I over-think it.'
6. 'The color that I usually gravitate towards most would be black, to be honest. I probably have picked out so many black dresses that my mom has stopped me from wearing, because I love that color.'
7. 'I really love Rachel Bilson\'s wardrobe. I think she\'s very classic chic, and I love her everyday wear. Even her hair — I just love how she puts herself together.'
8. 'I have my mom\'s old Converse from when she was in middle school. I thought it was insane that they still fit perfectly fine and they\'re so cute.'
9. 'Three things that girls must have in their closet: jeans, heels, and a scarf.'
10. 'My back-to-school outfit would be a high-waisted, floral skirt and flats. And my hair would be in a ponytail. I always felt like my hair in a ponytail made me feel sophisticated!'
11. 'To glam up, I usually focus on the minor things — like my eyebrows. I may add a more defined look to them. I may also play up the colors — I\'ll use darker colors than I normally would — and I\'ll add blush. When I get a little braver, that\'s when I\'ll try yellow eyeliner or another neat color.'
12. 'I love Ted Gibson\'s hairspray as a go-to. It\'s really tiny and fits in my purse because it\'s very light. It\'s not so thick and it doesn\'t make my hair flaky. I carry that and a comb so I can tease my hair a little in the restroom wherever I\'m at.'
13. 'I use a light coat of Oil of Olay\'s SPF lotion and let it dry a little bit before I put my makeup on.'
14. 'I use Carmex because that\'s the way to go [for my chapped lips], but then I like to add Cover Girl\'s Wet Slicks. It has a nice glossy look without having so much color and that gross thickness that every other gloss has.'
15. 'The first beauty product I ever tried was Maybelline mascara. Everybody has to use it once — or in my case, still to this day.'

Sushmita Sen

The first thing Sushmita Sen, one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood, advises is a peaceful mind which reflects in a glow on the face. 'If your mind is under control and is tuned to positive thoughts, you are a winner in the beauty field,' she says, 'I personally prefer Yoga and meditation every day to retain the freshness of my face and mind.'

Of course, other than that, she works out every day to keep her body in shape. Strangely enough, though she herself has a colourful personality, she believes that pastels like light pink, cream and beige bring on a peaceful mood in the wearer. 'Though I wear bright colours as per the requirements of the characters I play, in my personal life I wear light colours so that I look fresh and happy when I go to any function or party.'

Sushmita, who has given a new look to the traditional Indian saree with her élan and elegance, also advises a balanced diet in the midst of heavy partying or a busy nightlife. 'Young people party relentlessly and their eating habits become erratic and damaging to their systems,' she says. Sushmita herself avoids fried foods Рespecially fast food varieties which are so common today. Cereals with milk and a few almonds help her to start the day with a burst of energy. Fruit and juices also are beneficial according to her.

The secret of her glowing face? She applies papaya and orange juice on her skin regularly! One last tip from Sushmita: She says that gracious and smiling behaviour with friends, family and even strangers, whom one meets in everyday life, is a major key to a shining personality. beauty tips
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