Treatment by Chinese Physicians on Degenerative Knee Joint Disease

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There are a number of advantages of treating degenerative Knee joint disease with Chinese medicine. From the TCM point of view, the treatment has to strengthen and nourish the liver and kidneys in order to toughen the muscles and bones. On the other hand, it has to analyze the pathological factors of this disease. Those who experience wind cold dampness need to expel wind and colds, and remove dampness. Those who have stagnation of qi and blood stasis need to rejuvenate blood and remove stasis. By combining the treatment approach, the curative effects will certainly be faster and more effective.

External Treatment by Chinese Physicians: During the acute phase, one should have sufficient rest and reduce strenuous activities. Partially apply hot and wet compresses, including washing with Chinese herbs and applying anti swelling and pain relief plasters, which have positive effects.

Chinese acupuncture and massotherapy have positive effects in increasing knee joint function, relieving muscle spasms, reducing pain, relaxing the soft tissues around the joints and increasing the adhesiveness of these soft tissues.

Self- Prevention
The importance of self-prevention lies in the prevention of pain. Changes to the cartilage and bone are a form of degradation. Middle—aged persons should not engage in strenuous exercises. Appropriate amounts of walking and strolling exercises can slow down the degradation of the knee, but this should be carried out gradually.

Patients must try to engage in muscle group training without adding extra burden on the knee joints. Sit on a chair during training and straighten the knees. Raise your legs so that the quadriceps will harden. Count to 5 and relax. If you are unable to carry out this exercise, try straightening the knees with some strength, but be careful not to overexert.

One great way is to use a thick towel and Wrap the areas frond the thigh to the knee. After that, wrap another layer of plastic sheet on top to keep the area warm for a longer period. This will help to partially improve blood circulation, but be careful not to be scalded.

One person should avoid getting cold or wet, and actively seek treatment for various infectious diseases so as to prevent adverse effects to the bone and joints.

Patients must prevent various types of bone trauma. if it occurs, seek appropriate treatment immediately to prevent the likelihood of contracting bone disease due to mistreatment. Patients should refrain from using steroids and alcohol to prevent calcium loss.
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