The Respiratory Therapist Job Description of A Respiratory Therapist

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Respiratory therapists are also called respiratory care practitioners who evaluate and treat patients with respiratory problems and cardiopulmonary ailments. The respiratory therapists work under the supervision and direction of physicians for the diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of patients who\'ve trouble in breathing. They treat patients regardless of age from the elderly to the newborn by performing physical examinations on the patient and conducting diagnostic tests.

These respiratory therapists use different equipments to facilitate improved breathing of patients through ventilators or pressurized oxygen. Respiratory therapists execute their work in clinics, hospitals and nursing homes where they can readily render their services anytime they are needed.
In order to be a respiratory therapist, you have to take a 2-year associate degree for the Certified

Respiratory Therapist or the 4-year bachelor\'s degree to be a Registered Respiratory Therapist. A licensure examination is a part of this career and it must be passed so as to become a respiratory therapist. The salary of a respiratory therapist vary in every state but its wage range is usually satisfactory and pleasing. The need for respiratory therapists is expected to increase with the continued need to avail of their services by people who have breathing difficulties. The respiratory therapist job description not just covers the treatment of respiratory ailments but involves additional activities relating to the distribution of information regarding respiratory problems and their reasons.

They often volunteer on anti-smoking campaigns since smoking is clinically verified to be the leading reason for respiratory illnesses. It is usual for respiratory therapists to be invited in forums and seminars among high school students to campaign against smoking.
Part of the respiratory therapist job description is to perform interviews, provide medical examinations and perform diagnostic tests. Therapists administer temporary relief to patients with breathing difficulties by connecting them to ventilators to ease their burdens. In most hospitals respiratory therapists do counseling of patients such as pulmonary rehabilitation and disease prevention including the process of using the ventilators for emergency situations.

Therapists are trained in such a way that they can work appropriately under pressure and for extended period if the necessity arise such as during emergencies that needs to be monitored. Job opportunities for respiratory therapist are expected to grow with the growing number of elderly people needing the care and treatment for respiratory disorders. The greater job opportunities shall be in clinics and hospitals but there\'ll also be a need in other health care facilities. This trend is projected to continue as the demand for health care providers increase.
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