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Author: Sandy Rutherforde
Nerve tonic is primarily a homeopathic remedy which is developed from formulas that have been in use for over 200 years. The tonic is comprised of biochemical tissue salts that support the cellular system and help in the rejuvenation of the tissue salts present in the body.

It also assists to cope with everyday stress and anxiety. This tonic, which comes in the form of round shaped lactose tablets, is administered internally. The nerve tonic caps available in various brands contain ingredients that offer soothing relief from stress related symptoms. However, it is recommended that individuals with medical problems should first consult a physician before consuming the tonic.

Side Effects
The side effects related to nerve tonic are very subtle and do not cause any adverse reactions. The most common effects found are either mild or the instant aggravation of original symptoms. However, individuals allergic to lactose are warned from taking the tonic before consulting a health professional. In addition, pregnant or breastfeeding women also need to seek advice.

Hylands nerve tonic caps: Hylands is the authorized vendor for nerve tonic. This tonic contains biochemical phosphates which is a perfect remedy for stress due to hectic schedules and worries. It comes in the form of small sized dissolvable tablets or instant relief caplets.  The caplet can be consumed with or without water. However, pregnant women, lactating mothers and people with serious illness are recommended to take the advice of a doctor. This is available in 32, 100, 500, and 1000 count tablets depending on the requirement.

Triple complex tonic by Native Remedies: This is another FDA approved caplet which is comprised of 100 homeopathic active contents like ferrum phosphoricum, magnesium phosphate, kalium phosphate and lactose. The biochemical tissue salts and nutritional substances present in the caplet offer a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system including muscles, joints, and cartilage. It also helps to attain a balanced and natural mood. The caplet can be easily consumed and is considered safe for adults and children.

The tonic offers numerous benefits. It assists to maintain a proper balance of the cell salts within the body. In addition, it supports the overall nervous system and enhances the efficiency of the brain. It gives good relief to the body from tensions, anxiety, and panic attacks. The tonic helps to balance different mood swings and thereby contributes to increase self esteem. It also helps to generate positive feelings and thoughts in all age groups.

With several brands available in the market, it would be ideal to purchase FDA approved nerve tonic caps that are safe and suitable for the body.
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