Respiratory Disorders

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Viral coup syndrome is the inflammation of larynx, trachea, and bronchial tubes that takes different progressive forms presenting a syndrome of laryngeal obstruction (edema of the subglottic region leads to narrowing of the airway). It can be Acute Laryngotracheitis or Laryngotracheobronchitis or spasmodic croup (more abrupt onset, milder course).

Difficulty or shortness of breath associated with marked awareness of the effort of respiration is called dyspnea. In the left-sided heart failure and in hypoventilatory states, the patient becomes more dypsneic in the recumbent posture and considerable relief is obtained by sitting up. This is referred to as orthopnea.

Aerosolized radioactive particles can be administered for inhalation. Commonly technetium-99m-labelled phytate, lactose, albumin or sulphur colloid are used. The radioactive particles are distributed in the lungs depending upon the patency of the air passages. The concentration of radioactivity is diminished in areas of poor ventilation.

Cough is generally a protective reflex designed to keep the airway patent and clear the exudates. Sometimes irritant cough becomes troublesome, interfering with sleep and causing severe annoyance to the patient. Other unto-wards effects of cough include syncope (cough syncope), penumothorax, mediastinal and surgical emphysema and rib fractures (cough fracture).

Chest physiotherapy increases the intake of oxygen. The choice of the right way out of many to administer physical therapy will depend on the disease or injury of the patient. Normal coughing is not able to clear the lungs of accumulated mucus in some cases. Other illnesses that call for chest physiotherapy include chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, acute atelectasis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease and progressive muscle weakness.

Whenever respiratory infections set in, an intricate process of diagnosis is required to determine the cause of the disorder. A wide variety of veterinary drugs may be prescribed to provide symptomatic relief and this may be in the form of intra-nasal vaccinations or pet antibiotics.

Asthma is a form of respiratory disease which is chronic as it affects many Americans. This disease is characterized by constriction of the airway, occasionally, inflamed and it\'s also lined with an excessive amount of mucus. Usually, stress and overexertion may trigger asthma. But, there\'re cases where allergies are linked to asthma which is triggered due to the allergens which enter the system.

The respiratory therapist is also in charge of relaying to the patient and their relatives the health status and treatments recommended by the doctor. Excellent interpersonal skills will be required to be an effective respiratory therapist. They should be able to easily communicate with the patient to know of their concerns and medical disposition.
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