Rasayanas of Ayurveda - Anti Aging Secrets

Author: Roy Chavarcode
Ayurveda is an aged organic and Vedic medical care that is used to heal and prevent thousands of health issues. Professionals and experts believe that the monsoon season is the ideal time to restore and revitalize the body by means of Ayurvedic intervention. Ayurveda arrogates that the dietary needs of various people are different. Thus, the food intake reckons on the specific body composition hence resulting in varied diets for different persons. There are several Rasayanas in Ayurveda, which are recommended as an anti-aging supplement. Rasayanas can also be said as anti aging secrets.

Rasayana, a Sanskrit word, connotes Rasa as sap, essence and feelings and ayana as path. Hence Rasayana literally means the trail of juice. This rasa in reality provides nourishment to the body and induces the resistance of our body and retains good health. This is one of the efficient renewal therapies of Ayurveda for maintaining the body aging in a healthy way. At the same time, it assists in sustaining body health and long life, besides treating a range of other problems.

The most significant gains of Rasayanas are longevity, in addition to increase in memory power, excellent health, young looks, radiant skin, serenity, and immunity to several diseases. Healing thru Rasayana calls for application of unique drugs based on the tolerance of your body. The utilization of this medicine helps to achieve the physical, psychological and religious gains. The medications in Rasayana healing are merely natural, made entirely from organic components like herbs and spiceries, ghee, uncooked honey, dehydrated fruits, unprocessed sugar, and raw flavors. Furthermore, they are manually treated by using the old customs materials like copper, clay and iron.

Chyavanaprasha - An Ayurvedic Rasayana
Chyavanaprasha is nothing, but an Ayurvedic blend of amla, blended with ashwagandha, cardamom, Pippali, cinnamon and nutmeg having ghee as its base topped with honey in precise ratio. It is fairly helpful in maintaining youthfulness, energy, and liveliness of your body. If ingested on habitual basis, it aids in improving the skin tone, radiance and combats dermal bacterial contagion. It will also sharpen the sensory receptors, enhances the digestive fire, craving for sex and power of the body. In short, you can say that the anti aging secrets lie in Chyavanaprasha.

Most excellent Ayurvedic Rasayanas
Equal amount of tavakshir, Pippali, madhuka, saindhava, and loha, suvarna, vacha with honey, sugar or ghee is mixed to prepare Triphala Rasayana. This Rasayana helps to kindle the ojas. It is very good for digestion and provides immunity to fight against any kind of diseases, and at the same time, it makes your skin glow and radiate.

Shilajit Rasayana is putrefaction of vegetable contents that is cooked by mixing a number of varied herbs, which includes Triphala and Ashwagandha. Ingestion of this Rasayana will give you energy and aids in restoring the nervous system, so that you can combat fatigue. This Rasayana also contains true anti aging secrets.
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