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Author: Rajesh Verma MD
Muscular dystrophy is an incurable disease of childhood. Muscle wasting and loss of walking lead to wheelchair dependence and eventually death. No treatment is at present known in any system of medicine which has any definite influence upon muscular dystrophy. The absence of specific treatment for muscular dystrophy makes it all the more important to consider complementary and alternative approaches of treatment. In India, the Dystrophy boys always seek Ayurvedic help in the hope for some relief. The Ayurvedic treatment involving Mamsagni Rasayana, a gold based medicine, yogic support and specific Panch karma procedures have shown definite protective influence and longer survival upon muscular dystrophy.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a progressive weakening and degeneration of the muscles, caused by a mutation in a gene coding for a protein called dystrophin. This protein is absent in the muscles of people affected with the disorder. The victims of Muscular dystrophy are confined to a wheelchair by their early teens. The disease progressively weakens all muscles, notably respiratory muscles, compromising life expectancy. Most sufferers die between the ages of 20 and 30. Today, there is no definite cure only rehabilitation, surgical procedures, and prednisone, to enhance patients\' quality of life.

A small care through Clinical research study involving Bhastrika Pranayama, Pawanmuktasana along with Ayurvedic Panch Karma viz: TMP Swedana, Shat Bala Prasarni Anuvasana Vasti yielded mixed results in 46 boys with Duchenne Muscular dystrophy (DMD) said Mukesh Jain MD of Central Medical Institute, Bhilai. Analyses showed that between 40 and 60 of treated patients got better relief in terms of both reduced CPK level and increased functional ability. The results are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Yoga Vijyana of MDNIY, under Deptt. of Ayush, Ministry of Health, New Delhi. Dr. Jain\'s team is working on Muscular dystrophy since 1995 under care through research program on NMD.

There is currently no cure for muscular dystrophy though research continues to shed new light on this disabilitating condition. However, there are many ways to minimise the disability, distress and contractures which muscular dystrophy can bring. Complementary therapies can play an important role in its treatment and as such several patients do report encouraging results. Mamsagni Rasayana is a poly herbal ayurvedic formula developed by a team of high profile doctors led by Mukesh Jain MD at Central Medical Institute, Bhilai for care through ayurvedic research on NMD in 1995 and which have several Rasayana herbs that are traditionally used by ayurvedic specialists in the management of several types of Neuro-muscular weaknesses. This ayurvedic Rasayana did not aim to restore dystrophin protein but to improve physical abilities by empowering the progressive weakening and degeneration of the muscles.

Genetic materials (Genes) carry vital information which themselves are regulated by subtle vital energy of Prana. The depletion of Prana is manifested as dysregulation of Vata at muscle tissue levels. Combined program of Yogic Ayurvedic support (Panch Yoga) are useful in the long term management of Muscular dystrophy. There is however, need of controlled studies on a large scale with improved trial designs especially molecular, biological and histological assessment techniques said Dr Mukesh Jain. These clinical success can be augmented by combining Ayurvedic Rasayana molecules (Such as Mamsagni Rasayana) for lasting relief from disability associated with Muscular dystrophy.
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