How do Cashew and Coriander help us?

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Though we are the creators of the Big Hands but this Big Hands don\'t come on the earth to protect us from the various type of juncture. The human beings frequently suffer from different affects sometimes their natural calamity; sometimes because of their mutual problems, sometimes it can be the spread of deadly disease in a specific area. Though the Big Hands don\'t come to heal our wound but He with us and for us has provided some essential things which prevent us from the dark hours I mean from the life-claimed ill-health.

The scientists have intellectually experienced thousands expedients to invent some thing that can detain the human beings from falling sick and catching ill. Here they have researched for a long time and conclusively found various positive effects of the natural things such as-
Benefits of Cashew-
The fruit cashew in Brazil considered as a delicacy. It is helpful for the human health in various aspects. It contains most of the essential elements our body cries for like it is considerably rich in iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and zinc, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and protein. It can be helpful for the various diseases.

•    Cashew chewed by the human being is likely to reduce your weight so if you have fed up with your weight and do not have sufficient to take exercise you need to eat cashew twice a day.
•    We know that insufficient amount of magnesium insignificantly causes high blood pressure, soreness, fatigue, muscle tension, migraine. And cashew helps flowing calcium in the nerves and promote magnesium in the body.
•    Cashew virtually does not let the insulin level go up and prevent the cholesterol level from growing up. So it is helpful for sugar related disease.
•    It increases the cardiovascular health in the body as it contains the high amount of unsaturated fatty acids and mono unsaturated fat (oleic acid).

Benefits of coriander-
Nothing is harmful and carries some of the positive effects for the body if you consume a moderate amount of it. Like it is said that high spicy dish is injurious for health whereas this dish will turn to be benefits if it is light in spice. Coriander which is in a way beneficial if you consume it ideally. It is one of the eleven essential oils. It can be helpful for the swelling of your body caused by kidney or the water. Coriander as high in iron helps the person who is suffering from anemia.

Coriander is helpful for a weaker eye vision person as it is source of vitamin A and vitamin-C and minerals like phosphorus and increases your vision. You can gradually recover your eye sight problem. It would increasingly be beneficial for the woman as it reduces the pain during the period and helps cure menstrual disorders. You can treat your skin disease like eczema, pimples by consuming coriander. It is also treaty for your mouth ulcer. Coriander helps treat your mouth ulcer and it helps in other terms like in constipation, inflammation, liver disorders and many more.
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