How Chinese Tonic Herbs Can Help You Deal With Stress?

Author: Brandon Daemon
Adaptogens or the adaptogenic herbs have been considered as one of the fundamental components of the eastern medicine today. These herbs are now recognized all over the world for their extraordinary abilities to assist the body in coping up with all forms of stress.

Adaptogens have been publicized as essential ingredients in a wide variety of Chinese herbal formulas. Most natural healthcare providers recommend the use of these herbs for the special ability to help human beings in adapting to stress and also several other challenges. There are some herbs that are adaptogenic by nature, but they would be effective only when they are taken as whole-herb and not in its extracted form.

How Adaptogens Work?
The basic characteristic of adaptogens is to help the body system in getting back to its balanced state, irrespective of its overactive or underactive nature. These herbs tend to act in either of the direction based on the requirement of the body. This is how these adaptogenic herbs are able to help people in recovering from varied physical illnesses by striking a balance with the individual systems.

Herbs, such as reishi, Cordyceps, mucuna, astragalus, and ho shou wu belong to the class of adaptogens, and these herbs are actually effective in eliminating stressors from the body. These herbs are such substances the effect of which are nonspecific, and allow the body to defy all types of stressors that includes, environmental, emotional, psychological and biological factors. The most appropriate way of fighting stress is to allow the body to balance it with the hormones present in body to dissuade it from influencing the body. These herbs help in increasing the overall well-being and also balance the endocrine hormone. They support the immune system too.

The most important benefit of adaptogens is that it decreases the body\'s sensitivity to the hyperactive systems, and helps in increasing the sensitivity of the hypoactive systems. These Chinese tonic herbs that act as adaptogens work on adrenal glands, and it resists stress. The adrenal gland is the primary source that produced stress and other emotional responses. This gland produces and stores epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine- the three essential compounds responsible for all types of stress.

The Known Adaptogenic Herbs
Astralagus is one of the adaptogens that helps in stimulating the immune system and helps in dealing with heart diseases and cardiac problems as well. According to traditional Chinese practices, this particular Chinese tonic herb tonifies the spleen and blood to aid defensive energy.  It boosts vitality and helps in recovering from chronic stress.
Reishi is another Chinese tonic herb with adaptogenic properties that helps in soothing the nerves and induces proper sleep as well. As reishi is an adaptogen, it is also considered to act as an immune stimulant.

Cordyceps is a similar Chinese tonic herb that has several health benefits, and is also an adaptogen. It helps in relieving stress by improving the flow of oxygen in the body and enhancing proper blood circulation. It also helps in dilating aorta at the time if extreme stress.

Mucuna helps in improving the production of dopamine, which is essential for improving mental health conditions. It helps in reducing depression and stress and influences dopamine production. It treats nervous disorders too.

Ho shou wu has adaptogenic properties too, as it helps in de-stressing the mind and improves overall health conditions.

Adaptogens are essential for the stability of mental health along with other benefits that it can provide.
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