Cure and Causes of Joint Pain

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There are many causes of joint pain, and they can affect any part of the human body, like knees, shoulders, back, foot, ankles, and arms. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes mellitus, blood pressure, and obesity are very common causes of joint pain. Some of the joint diseases are degenerative and are caused due to overuse of body parts and due to constant friction in joint bones degenerate ligaments and muscles of the area causing pain and lead to arthritis.

Cause of pain throughout the knee joint area can be due to a cartilage ring tear or a ligament tear in the knee joint. Fractures, arthritis, bursitis, infections, cysts, and gout may also be a possible cause pain in the front and back portion of knee, tendon and cartilage problems are a larger cause of knee pain.
Dislocation of knee and shoulder caps in young adults due to sudden fall, jerk, accidents, and hit on the joints causes joint pains. Tendonitis and bursitis are infections and diseases affecting the rotary cuff areas of the joints and may lead to pain if left unattended by medical help.

Ankle joint pain causes are mainly ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis and acute chronic sprains. Ankle joint pain may occur because of inward turning of ankle joint and leading to a ligament tear. Too many complications with your knee means that you need to pin up your anklebones by consulting a medical practitioner, as there may be a bone that is just not connected to give a proper structure of the joint and leads to pain every time stepped up on.

 Osteoarthritis is due to constant working with heavy weights or weight built out and strenuously affecting the posture and structure of an individual during motion. Thus being a major joint pain cause. Improper immune system may attract lot of infections to the bones and joints; this situation is termed as rheumatoid arthritis and is a chronic joint pain cause. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus common know, as SLE is an infectious disease affecting the joints. Many viral infections like the chicken pox, mumps, chicken guinea, and flu if partially treated or antibiotic dosage is left uncompleted cause joint pain and feverishness.

Joint injuries affect ligaments, cartilages, and muscles urgent attention may be sought for such mishaps, as it may be a fracture or a bone damage that needs medical supervision. Sportsman and athletes injure their joints more often and at a later stage these pain may become chronic due to constant degeneration and damage.
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