Carrot And Coriander Soup. Everyone Loves This Delicious Super Healthy Soup

Author: Peter Murphy
Carrot and coriander soup is very popular with people who want to live a healthy living lifestyle and with those who want to lose weight or maintain their current weight without struggling.
A soup is eaten on its own or as an accompaniment to a main meal. When a soup is an accompaniment to a meal it is eaten as a starter or as part of the main meal itself. Example is where a bread is eaten with soup, usually a thick soup, as part of the main meal.

Soup is one of the quickest ways to boost one\'s energy levels, especially if it is made of natural ingredients like some types of vegetables and spices that are full of vitamins and minerals. Because of the quick acting qualities of soup hospital patients recovering from an illness or even surgery are encouraged to consume soups.

It is also very useful as a light meal during the period of recuperation and before going on to more solid foods. When a person is not in a position to swallow or chew solid foods, soups are the next best meal they can have. The quality of a soup will depend on the ingredients used to prepare the soup.
Therefore to get the most benefit out of consuming soups, one needs to choose the right ingredients. Carrot and coriander soup fits the bill very well in this instance.
There are many health benefits associated with both carrot and coriander. Carrot is known to be used in treating wounds, it is also used in calming down the bowels and it can also help to keep the skin looking young.

Coriander also has many medicinal qualities that are good for the body. It is known to contain many different essential oils, good amount of minerals and vitamins, including vitamins C, and can be used as part of fertility treatment.
There is therefore no doubt that by combining these two ingredients in a soup will bring many health benefits to the one consuming the soup.
To gain the most benefit from your carrot and coriander soup it is advisable that you prepare it yourself. It is not very difficult to prepare a carrot and coriander soup. So instead of buying a processed soup you can make one yourself.

To prepare carrot and coriander soup, you will need about one pound weight of carrots, one teaspoonful of ground coriander, vegetable oil, onions and some vegetable stock. Put some oil into a pan and cut the carrots into small bits, slice the onion and then put them into the oil and add some vegetable stock.
Leave it to cook until the carrots become tender. At this stage pour the teaspoonful of coriander powder into the pan and stir it. Leave it on the fire for a few more minutes until the carrot is completely soft. Pour the whole lot into a blender and then blend it together and put it back on the fire for a couple more minutes. You are now ready to serve your carrot and coriander soup.
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