7 Things to Consider Before You Buy Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Author: Xylene Belita
Not everyone needs to buy digestive enzymes. Do you? Before going out to your local drug store or surfing the World Wide Web for digestive enzyme supplements, try to answer these quick questions first:

1. Do you feel so bloated after a heavy meal to the point of loosening your pants to make you feel comfortable?
2. Do you suffer from flatulence or gas pains after eating?
3. Have you gained weight lately, the reason for which you cannot simply explain?
4. Do you eat at least one large meal every day?
5. Is your typical meal carbo-loaded or a mixture of all the food groups?
6. Do you move your bowels regularly?
7. Do you eat raw vegetables?

If you answer yes to questions one up to five and no to the sixth and seventh questions, you may, indeed, need to buy digestive enzymes supplements, and now is best time to do it. Feelings of bloating, gas pains, and flatulence (though occasional), weight gain, and not having a regular bowel movement all suggest a sluggish metabolism or an unhealthy digestive system. Not eating vegetables in their raw state further adds to the problem. But this problem may, in fact, be corrected by ensuring a sufficient supply of digestive enzymes, whether naturally or in the form of supplements.

Naturally restoring digestive enzymes is possible, but those who are beyond their 40s or 50s already may realize that this is not very easy. The digestive system weakens over time, and naturally producing the necessary enzymes takes a lot of hard work. When you are in the middle age, your digestive system will need some outside reinforcement, specifically one that comes in the form of digestive enzyme supplements. Many claim to benefit greatly from enzyme supplementation, especially if done alongside a raw diet and with Vitamin and Omega-3 supplements.

But the challenge here is to be sure that you are buying the kinds of supplements that are right for you. When choosing a digestive supplement, for instance, see to it that it has all the necessary enzymes you lack. Most people require a blend of enzymes, but others need just one type of enzyme. Needless to say, always read the label it comes with to be certain that the enzymes present are exactly in the desired amount and strength. Another thing, make sure the enzymes come from plant sources. Animals have enzymes, too, but animal enzymes are not made to withstand the stomach\'s acidity; plant enzymes are.

To benefit greatly from enzyme supplementation, read and understand thoroughly the best way to take enzyme supplements. Some enzyme supplements have to be taken with meals or immediately after meals with a full glass of water to provide instant relieve and address a variety of stomach disturbances and other issues, but other supplements may need to be taken on an empty stomach. Not all enzyme supplements are formulated in the same manner. Find this out first before you buy digestive enzymes supplements in order to maximize the benefits of digestive enzymes.

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