Vicryl 4-0 Absorbable Suture a Versatile Suture For Multiple Tissues

About Vicryl 4-0 –
Vicryl 4-0 is an absorbable multifilament suture material manufactured and marketed by Ethicon. It is used in the approximation of tissues in the body with the exception of skin. The 4-0 size of the Vicryl suture indicates that the maximum oversize diameter is 0.018 mm. This is a finer suture size and is used for more delicate tissues. Usually this diameter of suture is well suited for use on the bowel. It can generally be used in the suturing and ligation of soft tissues in the body.

Advantages Of Vicryl Suture, Absorption Period And How Does It Compare?
Vicryl sutures are multifilament braided suture. This property allows them to have a very good knotting property, as compared to Monocryl, which is a monofilament suture with poorer knotting property. The braided multifilament however, provides spaces, especially in the region of knots, for bacteria to proliferate. This can lead to a higher incidence of infection with the use of Vicryl sutures and it is not recommended that these sutures be used to close an infected wound.

Vicryl 4-0 sutures maintains a tensile strength of 75 at 2 weeks post surgery. By 4 weeks, it has a tensile strength of 40-50 . Absorption is complete by 56-70 days and occurs by a process of hydrolysis by degradation of the copolymer of polyglactin 910 to glycolic and lactic acids, with subsequent absorption. Though it causes a minimal tissue reaction, normal tissue healing processes are necessary in order to hydrolyse and absorb Vicryl suture completely.

Such suture materials should not be used where healing is expected to be poor, or in situations where excessive stretching, expansion or distension are possible.
Vicryl has a much lesser tissue reaction than catgut and is much better tolerated. However Vicryl is not recommended for use in cardiac and neurological tissue. When using Vicryl it is important for the knots to fall square to be secure. Security of knots is of utmost importance especially when ligating vessels for control of haemorrhage. A single slip may lead to torrential bleeding with dangerous consequences.

Tips On Using Surgical Supplies, Ethicon 4-0 Vicryl Sutures And Sutures In General:
When using sutures to approximately soft tissues such as muscle or subcutaneous fat, it is important to try and make the suturing as atraumatic to the tissue as possible. End and exit from the tissue should be at right angles and kept very gentle. Vicryl in smaller sizes has been used in ophthalmic surgeries for conjunctival and scleral incision closure. One can imagine the delicacy and accuracy of suturing required in these situations.
J426H Vicryl 4-0 undyed suture on PS-2 needle (size 19mm, cutting, 3/8th of circle) with a length of 27' (70cm) manufactured by Ethicon Inc.
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