Treatment Of Foot Ulcers And Diabetes Wounds At Alternative Treatment Center

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Foot Ulcer and wound
The foot ulcers are open wounds that develop on the sides, top or soles of the feet. Diabetics are prone to these wounds simply because of poor blood circulation and other health problems that arise from having diabetes. Diabetes wounds should be taken seriously. They are difficult to be treated and the treatments and medications can be lengthy and frustrating with lower extremities, particularly foot wounds account for one quarter of all diabetics\' hospital admissions in the U.S. and Great Britain.

Diabetes Foot Ulcer and wound is exposed to everyone who has diabetes, who has potential to develop foot ulcers and wounds.
People who use insulin and those who suffer diabetes related ailments such as heart disease, kidney and eye problems are equally at risks. If you are overweight, smoking and a drunk, taking alcohol regularly, you are at a greater risk of developing foot ulcers and wounds.
Formation of Diabetes Foot Ulcers and Wounds

There are 4 major causes of diabetic foot ulcers and wounds.
1)  Neuropathy (numbness). Neuropathy is a condition when you lose sensation in your limbs and lower extremities. Continuous and prolonged elevated glucose levels over time can cause this to happen. This condition has a way of creeping up on everyone. Often most people are not aware of the problems until it\'s too late to cure it.Because of numbness, the patients can\'t feel small cuts on their feet, wounds and ulcers can go untreated for days even weeks. Also numbness can cause a patient not to shift or move or exercise their feet when pressure points develop. This can lead to wounds and ulcers development very easily.
2)      Foot deformities and weaknesses. Because of neuropathy patients can break bones in their feet and they are not aware of it. Foot deformities can directly or indirectly put unnatural pressure on certain areas of the foot and can cause wounds to develop.
3)     Vascular Disease. This disease can cause narrowing of blood vessels and can lead to wound development. Irregular and restricted blood flow and circulation make treating foot ulcers and wounds frustrating, lengthy and time consuming. This condition reduces the body\'s ability to heal itself which increases the risk of infection.
4)    Skin irritation and friction. Patients with numbness cannot tell and find it difficult when they have skin irritation, problems with frictions or pressure points. The only way to know for sure is to check the condition of the feet often for redness, peeling skin or blisters.

Treatment of Diabetes Wounds and Foot Ulcers
Prevention, prevention, prevention is the best solution to it. Diabetes wound is all about caring and preventing. Untreated wounds can lead to infection and expose to risks even to losing of lives. The quicker it is treated, the less likely it is to develop a problem.
Wounds and ulcers are the medical term for injuries that occur when skin is torn, cut, sore, bruised, punctured or similarly damaged. Most diabetes wounds and ulcers can be treated at our Treatment Centre.
Our Alternative Treatment Center for Diabetic Wound in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has been operational since 1996 and has proven to diabetes world that diabetic wound and foot ulcers can be treated and can be avoided from being amputated.
Alternative medication
Medication provided at the Center is all made of plants and processed in accordance to the standard of processing natural herbs. It is 100 drug free, safe and halal.
What we can assure is that diabetes foot ulcers and wounds can still be treated without the need for amputation!
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