Sun damaged skin – how to treat it?

Author: Andy Rebeca
Most of the time you may be stuck at work or home, getting a sun bath beside the beach or pool side can be a fun thing to do. But have you ever thought about the damage it causes to the upper layer of your skin? At times even if you have not been under the sun for a very long time, short periods of sun exposure at different days can have an effect on your skin damage.

So what are the remedies that could save the skin from sun damages? Using a sunscreen or a sun block is the first thing that would come to your mind. But what if you forget to do this before you go under the sun?

You would have to use a product which contains Alpha Hydroxy acids which are abundantly found in Glycolic acid and Lactic acid. Vitamin C formulas would also heal the burns on your skin to a modest extent. You would have to use these skin care products for months and most of it peels off the damaged skin layer exposing the new skin to ultraviolet light and you would have to use more products in conjunction with these treatments. Vitamin A preparations are the bets to be used along with them. If you are looking for a more effective and long lasting solution you might need to try out Chemical peels, Laser treatments and dermal fillers.

The sun damaged layer can be removed using Chemical Peels. New skin will form and there would be a re-growth of surface. Your cosmetic physician would decide which type of chemical peel should be used on your skin.

Laser treatments can also help heal sun damaged skin. Broad spectrum Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or LASER techniques are used for these treatments depending on the degree of sun damage. The laser heats the dermis and triggers collagen production, it also minimises the redness from broken blood vessels and reduces hyper-pigmentation.

Dermal fillers can be used to restore volume in your skin due to the lost collagen and hydrate your dry skin. The fillers are used to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by skin damage. The Hyaluronic Acid (HA) present in most of the dermal fillers will hydrate and add volume to your facial tissues making it smooth and supple.

If your skin conditions from sun damage do not improve from topical products as sun screens, sun blocks and other skin repair products, it is always advisable that you seek medical assistance. Sun damage can eventually cause skin cancer and other skin conditions; therefore it is always good to be pre-cautious. Visit your dermatologist/ cosmetic physician to get your skin condition tested and get the proper skin treatment.  Your cosmetic physician will assess your skin and provide you with the bets skin treatment. Also most of the cosmetic physicians would have follow up appointments to check the status of the treatment. You will also have to follow the Aftercare instructions to protect your skin from getting damaged again.
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