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If you\'re suffering from embarrassing red flushes of the face then you probably have Rosacea. This can be embarrassing and can totally affect  your self-confidence. To go through every day of your life not knowing when your next flare up will be must be a nightmare. It is quite common if you are of white European decent and is more popular among women. In fact women are twice as likely to develop it.

Many people don\'t know they have rosacea and treat their condition as if it was acne. Common symptoms of rosacea include having red flushes that are not just restricted to the sufferer\'s face they can also appear on the neck, in the eye and also their chest. The flaring up is caused from the rapid flow of blood through the blood vessels. In later stages of the condition and the flushes become more common, the sufferer may look as if they have sunburn or a permanent blush and will often experience itching known as a rosacea rash or a stinging sensation.

Rosacea Best Treatment
The best treatment for rosacea is to catch the condition early , but many people leave it too late as they don\'t  know that they have the disease. So it is important that you know signs and common symptoms for it.

The 4 Types of Rosacea
Fundamentally, there are 4 types of roscea which can be classified as follows;

Ocular rosacea - Ocular rosacea causes dry eye, tearing and burning, swollen eyelids, persistent styes and can lead to you going blind.

Phymatous rosacea - Causes the sufferes skin to thicken, and can result in rhinopyma, which is the larging of your nose.

Papulopustular rosacea - Known as acne rosacea, and can be determined by the immediate redness with transient bumps and pimples.

Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea - Probably the most popular type. It is characterized by flushing and persistent redness, and may also have visible blood vessels. When people ask what is rosacea, this is what they typically think of. It is crucial to realize that the condition can worsen without proper treatment.

Symptoms of Rosacea- Do you suffer from one or more of the following Rosacea symptoms?

The following are the common symptoms of Rosacea:

Is your rosacea symptom causing flushing? - This is when you get blushing or flushing which occurs early on in the disorder and is the most common rosacea symptom and frequent blushing or flushing is sometimes the first sign of this disease. This facial redness may come and go. This is a common rosacea symptom.

Is your rosacea symptom causing persistent redness? - This can be similar to having sunburn or a permanent blush. Again, this is a very common rosacea symptom

Is your rosacea symptom causing bumps/pimples -
This rosacea symptom is well known as being acne rosacea that constitutes to bumps or pimples on the skin, which could be small and solid (papules) or even pus-filled (pustules).

Is your rosacea symptom causing blood vessels to become visable - Red lines in the face caused by the rapid flow of blood vessels. Again a very common rosacea symptom.

Other potential rosacea symptoms include:

Is your rosacea symptom causing Eye Irritation - Ocular rosacea is a common rosacea symptom when your eyes become irritated becoming bloodshot, watery and itchy. Your eyelid will become red and inflated.

Is your rosacea symptom causing a dry appearance - Dry and rough skin on the face is a sign of rosacea.

Is your rosacea symptom causing plaques - This rosacea symptom causes the affected area of skin to produce raised red patches.

Is your rosacea symptom causing a stinging or burning sensation -Quite common on the face and can cause the sufferer a lot of grief.

Is your rosacea symptom causing swelling - Swelling ofnthe face is a popular rosacea symptom.

Is your rosacea symptom causing your skin to thicken - The skin will get thicker and also enlarged. This condition is usually found on the nose and is known as rhinophyma.

Is your rosacea symptom not on your face - rosacea symptoms can also happen on the scalp, the ears, the neck, the back or even the chest.

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