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Somewhere between 30 and 70, about 25 of women are going to look down and realize they can see the veins in their legs. The first thing most women are going to think is that they\'re suffering from varicose veins, but if those veins are only visible and don\'t protrude, the problem is actually spider veins.

In days past, when women decided to do something about spider veins their only option was to visit their general practitioner. Sometimes something would get done about the veins, but more often than not the general practitioner was not knowledgeable enough on the subject to recommend treatment. Today there are many options available for treatment, so rather than going to see a general practitioner or a dermatologist, contact a spider veins Dallas specialist. Not only will they have a genuine interest in your care, they will also be up to date on the latest vein technology and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment.

Though the spider vein treatment is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, it should be approached just like any other surgery. Although minimal, there are risks associated with the removal of spider veins. For small and medium sized spider veins the treatments are usually noninvasive. One of the things you must insist upon is that your surgeon ultrasound the veins before surgery is suggested to make sure there are no clots.

There are risks associated with spider vein removal, as with any medical procedure, so the spider vein treatment Dallas specialist will inform you of these risks. Complications from spider veins treatment are not common, but they do sometimes occur. Before your treatment you and your doctor will discuss risks and what can be done to ensure the best possible outcome.

Today, most women and spider veins Dallas specialists prefer to use lasers for the spider vein treatment Dallas. This is a fantastic option when you are seeking treatment for spider veins because it doesn\'t involve the use of needles, and it is non-invasive. The laser treatment only works on spider veins, for larger, varicose veins, other treatment options will have to be sought out. The one thing you do need to brace yourself for is the number of times you are going to have to go back to the specialist.

You can\'t expect instant results, and you should be wary of any spider veins Dallas specialist who tells you that you will. The exact number of times that you will have to return to the spider veins Dallas specialist for spider vein treatment Dallas is going to depend on how swollen the veins are, but most women find that they have to go back anywhere from two to five times before their veins have disappeared from sight.

Laser spider vein treatment Dallas is very popular because it is possible that your spider veins will disappear permanently. Once the spider veins have been removed, it is likely they will stay gone for good. Contact your spider veins Dallas specialist today to learn more.
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