Is Herpes Zoster Cure Possible?

Author: Bob Carlton
Finding an appropriate Herpes Zoster becomes the only priority when one gets Shingles. It is a horrible condition that causes a lot of discomfort, pain, as well as flu like symptoms. Herpes Zoster commonly known as Shingles. It is caused by the virus varicella-zoster, which is also the same virus that causes the chickenpox, and in many ways it is very much the same.

There are possibilities that you get it again what if you are treated for it, so the experts in the pharmaceuticals are doing research to find best herpes zoster cure. Therefore, the only way to get through it is to alleviate the pain and the overall duration. It has been observed very common that the people who have had chickenpox have greater tendency to get Shingles. Some people are more prone than others are, and if you are one of them, there is a quick answer, the herpes zoster vaccine is a good shingles cure.

Depending upon the condition of the patient there are 3 commonly prescribed antiviral medicines doctors choose to minimize the Shingles pain. However, they must be started no more than seventy-two hours from the appearance of the blister like rash. Valcyclovir, Famciclovir and Acyclovir are the three commonly prescribed medicines. Studies show that in cases where the patient took valacyclovir the duration of the condition was cut by two days, or one day of formation of blisters. In order to reduce the duration of Shingles, pain and frustration it is highly recommended that you should take every step as your doctor may feel fit for you. Follow strictly the instructions and medications to contain the painful disease. Like mentioned before there really is not a true herpes zoster cure.

While searching for best herpes zoster cure, you should also dig on natural home-made remedies. You can find very easy to use natural herbal treatments that can ease up the shingles pains. These are things that will relax you and help ease the pain. The most important suggestion for all the Shingles patients is to stay calm and relaxed, do not let the disease to overcome your nerves. Hence why baths are essential during this time, especially oatmeal baths, as they are not only relaxing, but also sooth skin problems. Ice-cold water, cold compresses or oatmeal lotions are effective in skin inflaming. They will help you feel better as they will cool the burning blisters as well as ease itch. If you ever tried to scratch any blister, it will leave a scar, so be very careful about it. It can leave you in a very ugly position if you didn't keep yourself calm and relax.
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