Dissolvable sutures play an important role in surgery

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Suturing is extremely important in remedial and medical industry. Torn, ruptured, damaged, wounded skins can be treated simply with suture materials. Dissolvable sutures play an important role in surgery. Permeating is a crucial part for any wound.
Dissolvable sutures are primarily used to protect the wounded skin from permeating of liquids. If the liquids are permeated it can cause severe skin infection and sometimes the infection can prove to be fatal. On contrary the permanent sutures remain un-dissolved and are needed to be removed manually by physician. There are many advantages using dissolvable sutures as they leave no impression or scar on the skin.

Many plastic surgeons prefer them over permanent sutures. Children\'s skin is extremely sensitive and soft. And the children may cry or get irritated with permanent sutures; definitely the children cannot withstand the pain of suture and then removing them. The outer skin is generally treated permanent sutures but the inner body parts where the permanent sutures are less effective, the physicians preferably use dissolvable sutures. The body parts like throat, mouth, eyelids, face and other sensitive regions, dissolvable sutures are used. Plastic surgery can\'t work without dissolvable sutures. Of course, the plastic surgery is done in order to get rid of terrible scars or for body parts augmentation, so permanent sutures are never used.

Dissolvable sutures are often made from synthetic materials but sometimes the natural materials like hair, silk and collagen is used for the preparation of dissolvable sutures. Two most important features are considered for sutures; first feature is the elasticity of the suture and the second feature is the durability of the suture. For example the sutures used on knees need to have more tensile strength or elasticity in comparison to the sutures used on thighs. The durability decides for the decomposition time of suture. For example if you have slow healing rate and the suture gets dissolved before time, what will be the use of stitching. So the dissolvable suture needs to be as durable as required.

Catgut Suture is most used type of dissolvable suture. This type of suture is prepared from collagen. Collagen is the material that is made from intestines of animals like goat, sheep, cows and dogs. This type is most durable suture and this dissolvable suture is used by physician when he thinks that the wound is not going to be healed up soon. Many artificial dissolvable sutures are available namely Polydioaxanone, Poliglecaprone and Polyglactin sutures. These sutures have different tensile strength and durability. Dissolvable sutures must be handled carefully as sometimes the infection causes inflammation in sutures and they don\'t get easily dissolved and cured.
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