Different Machines for Laser Birthmark Removal

Author: Casey Brown
Removal of birthmarks is starting to become more common as before when this option was barely even possible. So for this, various laser machines can be used to achieve the goal of making the marks fade until there aren\'t any visible traces of it.
One machine that can be used to erase birthmarks is the Quantel Medical Aramis. The machine is also used to treat wrinkles, acne marks and stretch marks. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and uses a single wavelength laser that helps the skin produce more collagen for a smoother skin with a more even tone.

The next one is called Cynosure V-Star and it is approved by the FDA in treating vascular conditions. So, problems with port wine stains, spider veins, Rosacea and stretch marks can easily be remedied by this. The laser is quickly absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood which helps eliminate the redness in the skin surface.

Then there is also the machine called Palomar Q Yag 5 which uses a dual wavelength that is specifically designed to target age spots, birthmarks, tattoos and other lesions in the skin.  It can target the melanin in the skin and can be adjusted to different kinds of skin types. It can even be controlled to reach further into the depth of the skin for darker lesions.
Another machine known to erase birthmarks is called the Light Age Tat 2 Eraser. As the name implies, it is primarily aimed to erase tattoos but this single wavelength laser machine can also remove pigmented lesions such as the mentioned birthmark, freckles and permanent makeup. The wavelength of it gets readily absorbed by colors so it is best not just in the removal of tattoos but also to the more challenging birthmarks such as the ones called Nevus of Ota and Nevus of Ito.

The mentioned machines are just some available in the market that is powered by laser. It can remove more than just birthmarks but also other lesions in the skin that tends to become permanent and really unsightly. Check with your doctor the other options you may have so you can permanently have that pigmented marks removed.
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