Causes, symptoms and treatment of diabetic foot ulcer

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When the blood sugar level of a person remains increased then the person suffers from diabetes. Diabetes is mainly of two types. Type-1 diabetes is causes when insulin hormone is not at all formed by the pancreas and type-2 diabetes occurs when the insulin hormone is produced but cannot be utilized by the body in a proper way. Insulin is responsible for the conversion the sugar formed from various food items into energy which is utilized by the body cells. About 15 of the diabetic patients suffer from diabetic foot ulcer. In this disease, an open wound is formed at the bottom of the foot. These wounds may ultimately result in the amputation of the limb. As the diabetic patients are in the high risk zone of having the foot ulcers they should be  more  cautious about any  kind of foot  wound.

The various causes of the diabetic foot ulcers are-

1. Circulation of blood is not proper
2. Foot sensation is not there so even a small  wound get unrecognized which might result in an ulcer
3. Deformities  in the foot
4. Any kind of irritation in the feet such as friction  or pressure
5. Suffering from diabetes for long

People who have been suffering from the diabetes for long get their nerve damaged specially the affected areas are the foot. Foot sensation cannot be felt, moreover due to damaged blood vessels, circulation of blood become poor which can lead to the diabetic foot ulcer. When the body has high sugar level, it cannot fight the small infections and the wounds take time to heal. All these might result in the formation of ulcers.

The various treatments which can be followed for the Diabetic foot ulcer are-

1. Get the ulcers treated as fast as possible. Faster healing would ensure that the infection is cured completely. When an ulcer is diagnosed with infection then the proper antibiotic course should be taken immediately. If needed, the patient should be admitted to the hospital.
2. Keep the blood glucose level under strict monitoring and follow the advices of the doctors properly.
3. The affected area should be kept clean and bandaged. A person with an ulcer in the foot should never walk barefoot. The sooner the ulcer gets healed, the lower the chances of infection.

Proper diet and regular exercise will keep a control on the obesity and will reduce the chances of diabetes in any person.
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