Absorbable Suture Materials

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Absorbable suture are non-allergic, non-toxic and soft material. These healing materials can easily be dissolved within weeks. Since suture works as protection seal against permeate so it needs to be handled carefully. If the care is not taken and any permeating has resulted, it will lead to serious wound infection and sometime even fatal. The suture material absorbable sutures can further be of two types external and internal. If the suture material is used on the skin it\'s external and if it\'s used underneath the skin its internal suture. Main advantage of absorbable suture is that after healing it does not leave an awful or terrible scar on skin. These suture are absorbed by the skin and don\'t leave impressions or scars which could only removed by plastic surgery.

Most often absorbable sutures are not used at the external or the top layer of the skin. Mostly, the skin underneath is preferred for this kind of sutures. It is very difficult to use permanent sutures on top skin of children as the skin of children is extremely sensitive and soft. Absorbable sutures can be used seldom, on top layer of children\'s skin. The body parts which are not easy to reach like throat, nose and mouth are often and preferably treated with absorbable sutures. The permanent sutures are otherwise quite problematic to be removed from these parts.

Materials by which the sutures are made are silk and catgut suture. The absorbable sutures are commonly prepared from biological synthetic materials. Sometimes it also happens that the body is unable to dissolve even the absorbable sutures. In this condition body is inflamed, wound is not healed and the suture remains un-dissolved. Sizes of suture materials depend on the wound. Lately, many thinner sutures are available for better results. Elasticity, stiffness, tissue reactivity, configuration, knot strength and tensile strength are the main factors that decide the quality of suture material and the healing of the wound.

Absorbable suture must be easy to use, practical, elastic, flexible, non-toxic safe and reliable. Tissue reaction must be avoided at every cost. If the suture material reacts with tissue it may prove fatal. Various suture materials are available in the market. The thinner sutures are having a preference in comparison to slightly more thicker. The soft tissues have natural tendency to join together if they are hold together for some time, same process is used in sutures. Absorbable sutures\' cost depends on the surgery or the operation.
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